The interview with Giovanni Mocchi by Zucchetti.

One year after the launch of the recovery plan at European level, which led to the PNRR in Italy, 01net carries out an investigation, based on a series of interviews with the main companies operating in Italy in the ICT on their strategy for digitalisation of the

We talk with them about four key themes of digital transformation: resilience, cybersecurity, cloud, environmental and social sustainability and the answers allow you to build the ICT reality participation map for the country’s growth in the digital sense.

And there is one more theme, the fifth: in a spirit of consultation, we ask that Italian entrepreneurs be given an extra idea, capable of producing immediate value in terms of efficiency and competitiveness.

For Zucchetti Group he replied vice-president, Giovanni Mocchi.

A year after the Recovery Plan, where are we with the real transformation of the country: with what solutions, skills and services do you participate in the missions of the PNRR involving digital?

From the DESIGNS survey on digital in Europe, positive signs can be seen about Italy, which, although still has a lot of road ahead, is improving its position on several fronts compared to other European countries. However, research also shows that there is a serious structural delay which we still have to overcome.

For this reason, Zucchetti has provided a truly substantial offer to facilitate the digital transition of Italian companies, based on web, cloud and mobile paradigms that represent the possibility of access to data and applications anywhere and at any time.

For example management-ERP solutions for all market size targets, i.e. micro, SMEs and large companies, but also vertical applications for specific sectors, in particular Mes, software for planning and scheduling of production, workforce management for industry

Zucchetti has also launched the Human Revolution, a suite for staff management that allows you to rethink and optimize administrative, management and organizational processes in digital perspective. Here again, these are different application platforms designed to suit the different types of companies that make possible the agile work: not only smart working, but a new employee experience that, thanks to mobile apps, allows the

2021 was the year in which the theme of cybersecurity landed in all businesses. What concrete prospects did you give for 2022?

The security theme is definitely central to a software company like Zucchetti that needs to protect data from over 700 thousand customers using its solutions worldwide. At the company level, we have strengthened our policies, increased our training initiatives on our employees and above all we have further enhanced our disaster recovery and business continuity systems of our applications with the aim of preventing or in any case being able to govern effectively

Zucchetti has in fact equipped the ISO/IEC 27017 standard that defines advanced controls for both suppliers and customers of cloud services, a procedure that clarifies roles and responsibilities of the different actors in the cloud with the objective to ensure that the data

Zucchetti is also one of the Access Point Provider recognized by the Italian Peppol Authority AgID.

Peppol is the standard that allows businesses and public administrations to send and receive business documents in standard format on an open, global and secure network.

The key component of digital transformation is the cloud. What are the choices that Italian companies will have to make in 2022?

The health emergency of recent months has shown that the cloud is the best solution to ensure continuity of work in any condition and Zucchetti has been so far-sighted that it has rewritten its application offer from the cloud perspective already fifteen years ago so that today it has reliable solutions Many customers have thanked us for this, as they understood through our cloud solutions that you could work from home as well as in the office without losing anything in terms of productivity and efficiency and ensuring the same security from the point of view of privacy and data protection. The next step is the complete digitisation of all processes, transforming paper documents into digital flows, as happened for e-invoicing, to automate business areas as much as possible and to dispose of business data in a more strategic way, also through analytics functionality

After the Cop26 it was understood that sustainability, both environmental and social, now affects not only all countries but also all companies. What is your strategy on these issues?

In order to achieve the objectives of the 2030 Agenda, sustainable development is essential to become a modus operandi of companies, of any sector and size.

Zucchetti on the CSR front started from eco-sustainable buildings as corporate headquarters: first of all the Torre Zucchetti in Lodi, the result of a renovation of a building of the 70s and capable of obtaining the certification Leed Gold, which at

In addition to the commitment to energy saving and the fight against pollution, Zucchetti promotes a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, reducing waste, and encouraging the use of alternative means of transport.

On ESG, the company has also been planning to support customers, providing a range of digital solutions that promote sustainability, in areas such as asset management, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, and safety and well-being in the workplace.

This philosophy also gave rise to the new corporate purpose: We innovate to improve your life.

The ICT idea of 2022 by Zucchetti

If you were to offer a single investment (product, solution, methodology) to an Italian company, a choice that could produce an immediate benefit in terms of efficiency and competitiveness, what would your advice be about?

We believe that starting from the optimisation of our processes with an Erp product or the development of a system of governance and valorization of our human capital are the nerve points of each organization and that the investment in these fields can ensure a clear and tangible result in terms of

The advantage of choosing Zucchetti is to have integrated solutions that cover all business areas in a timely manner, with high customization possibilities as they are all developed with Zucchetti technology.

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