Zoom Developer Platform provides API, SDK and other tools to create public apps for global users, to be distributed on Zoom App Marketplace, or private apps for internal business use.

A platform, the company stresses, with which the developer ecosystem can have everything it needs to build applications and integrations using unified communication technology and Zoom’s global infrastructure.

Zoom has now announced a series of updates to its development platform, which involve various areas: App Marketplace, API, SDK, as well as creating apps and integrations.

These improvements have been designed to allow developers to integrate Zoom more easily into their products and services, for any vertical sector or use case.

Jumpstart A tool that, the company said, makes the development process easier and faster when you don’t need a complete customization, but you need quality and reliable videos to show in an app.

Just enter some key configuration fields and select from some default feature and branding inputs as well as platform options, and Jumpstart will generate the code that brings the seamless Video SDK functionality into an existing app.

Jumpstart’s general availability, said Zoom, is expected by autumn 2021.

Zoom is also developing a command line interface (CLI) to help developers prototype an application when they are short of engineering resources and time.

You can use the CLI to quickly study the Zoom API, to set up a proof-of-concept or even to build serverless functions, for fast scripts that do not need an entire back end to work. Here again, general availability is expected this autumn.

At great demand from the developer community, Zoom announced the native React support for the SDK Video. This addition will allow developers to write code only once to build fully customizable video-based apps that work on Android and iOS devices. In this case, by autumn this function is expected to be beta.

Another interesting news is that developers will soon be able to list their Meeting SDK apps on the Zoom App Marketplace, which currently hosts over 1,500 applications.

Then there are more specific and technical innovations, but no less important. For example, the Video API will allow developers using Zoom’s Video SDK to get insight on the performance of the video session in real time and to quickly optimize the user experience.

More: Granular Scopes will allow apps to extract only the authorized and necessary data, reducing the amount of information a menu app needs to access. This will help improve the development process and distribution of third-party apps.

The improved web SDK Meeting will allow developers to seamlessly integrate Zoom Meetings client into a website, to allow users to easily start and participate in a meeting without having to open another window or launch Zoom externally

L’Apps Collaborator Role on App Marketplace will simplify the management and administration of apps.

And QSS (Quality of Service Subscription) will be an add-on for customers who require Zoom’s Quality of Service (QS) data for meetings and webinars in almost real time.

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