Read Dashboard is a tool designed to provide real-time measurement of the sentiment and engagement of participants at a meeting, to help people make a virtual meeting on Zoom more productive.

The developer startup of this solution defines Read Dashboard as a Digital Chief Meeting Officer. Read’s Lup is currently available for Zoom Meetings.

But David Shim, Co-Founder and CEO of Read, also defined the app as.

This, because according to the founders of society, meetings of not good quality not only waste time, also have an impact on the morale of the participants. Yet, studies show that at least half of the meetings are classified as unproductive.

Hence the idea of an instrument that offers visibility and transparency in real time, to the leaders of the meetings and participants, to understand how the meeting is really going. Whether people are involved or frustrated, if they feel productive in attending the meeting.

This transparency © David Shim © gives each participant the opportunity to evaluate the success of the meeting, and collectively enables them to collaborate

Read therefore provides insight into the audience of the meeting and makes the meetings more effective and collaborative, with its dashboard open.

It also detects the probable causes of Zoom Fatigue among the participants in the meeting, allowing the host to make evaluations and corrections during the meeting.

Read metrics include sentiment, which measures the positive and negative reactions of participants and is derived from both video and audio from the meeting.

And that of the engagement: whether the discussion is interesting for the participants or is boring; a measure of how attentive the participants of the meeting are.

Then there is Active Read, a single metric that is a combination of sentiment and engagement and gives an idea of how the meeting is going.

Read also detects when the conversation becomes too one-sided, measuring how much each participant in the meeting is talking, as a percentage.

All this, to make Zoom meetings more productive and to promote collaboration among team colleagues, through analytics and measurements.

Read has just revealed its product and has also announced the closing of a $10 million financing round.

You can currently sign up for the Waitlist to access Read Dashboard for Zoom.

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