Brusco stop in the $15 billion transaction with which Zoom intends to buy Five9. Team Telecom, issued by the US Department of Justice, has investigated the operation and suspended the acquisition for the suspected ties of Zoom with the Chinese government.

We recall that the CEO and founder of Zoom, Eric Yuan, obtained American citizenship in 2007 but is Chinese by birth. In addition, Zoom controls 4 other companies in China and has long been in the sights of several federal investigations.

Despite this unexpected block, Zoom continues to feel positive about the conclusion of the deal with Five9 by next spring. However, the shadows that are becoming increasingly intense in the political-commercial relations between the United States and China could lead to different results.

The technological front is among the hottest in recent years between the two superpowers. From Huawei’s ban onward, relationships have always been very tense. Analysts also find it difficult to distinguish between international political motivations, trade wars and national strategic interest.

What is certain is that at the time we write for Zoom the situation is quite uncertain. On the one hand, the pandemic has allowed society to grow impressively. On the other hand, its growth and affirmation has caused the spotlight of the American authorities, which have not seen the (direct or indirect) incursions of Chinese companies in their territory at all for a long time.

We will update you on the developments of this matter as soon as further details emerge.

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