Zoho Corporation announced the launch of Zoho Workplace, a single software platform that brings together collaboration, productivity and communication tools integrating them with other business processes.

Designed around a complete corporate suite of email and office tools in the cloud, Zoho Workplace includes nine closely interconnected applications based on a shared data model and unified on a single dashboard with artificial intelligence and shared research:

Today, the productivity platforms of the main suppliers have the claim to foster collaboration within the teams, but are disconnected from other business apps and therefore do not allow the awareness of the underlying issues to be addressed.

Therefore, they are unable to establish a critical context for business problems and do not allow the necessary continuity to solve them effectively.

Zoho Workplace provides the user with a unified platform with a wide range of communication tools such as email, messaging, audio and video conferences, a cloud office suite with shared file storage, common collaborative models in the

The idea that the Indian company has put the basis of Zoho Workplace’s innovation is to offer customers a tool that is able to enable ad hoc workflows by strengthening the business context within the communication tools, with the possibility to customize the

The nine applications included are Mail (Business Mail) • Users can now make audio or video calls directly from the app, edit the attachments of documents with Zoho Writer, perform online meetings with their contacts and access all mail accounts

Mail includes a complete control panel with eDiscovery, Backup and Recovery. Lup is available with…mix………………………………………..

Cliq (Messagistic) • Users can login or logout, set custom states, collaborate with external subjects, connect with teams via group audio or video calls and view the status of reading messages. Cliq allows you to configure and customize at the module level, base permissions on roles, integrate with EMM providers, as well as availability of reports/users.

Meeting • Users can schedule recurring or one-off meetings and set up multiple email reminders from both web and mobile devices. Meeting supports 16 languages and is integrated with Zoho Projects, Bookings, CRM and others.

Connect (Social Intranet) • Connect integrates with human resource information systems, including Zoho People. Zoho Connect users can moderate content and modules with granular permissions and user criteria, custom domains and SAML-based SSOs.

Zoho workplace also integrates Writer (Word Processing) • Users can convert documents into compileable forms, limit the visibility of comments, collect information about the level of involvement and enable an extremely effective writing assistant based Writer also includes automation and model-based APIs, module-based automation, signatures and automatic approvals.

Show (Collaborative Presentations) • Show is integrated with Atlassian, Unsplash and Humaans and includes a data link system and a slide library open to the whole organization, which allows users to connect data l

Sheet (Calculating Foil) • Users have access to the latest functions for data search and comparison and can view historical data through race charts, create dropdown menus with default values and connect cell ranges using IMPORTANT Sheet allows users to track changes during collaboration, obtain detailed information, keep the collected data slim, convert images to insert them into spreadsheets, and transfer contextual data from Zoho and non Zoho applications.

WorkDrive (Cloud Document Management) • WorkDrive includes unified search and TrueSync, which allows users to access files without having to worry about the hard drive space. WorkDrive is equipped with a full management panel, customer reports to monitor team activity and is integrated with Zoho Directory.

And finally, ShowTime (Training Online) › ShowTime supports branding and white-labeling. Users can set roles and privileges for their training team by collecting detailed information.

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