Zerynth has presented its new IoT platform, which consists of a new line of advanced hardware, software and cloud solutions.

An ecosystem of tools that allows you to guide, in a simple way, the digitalization of industrial processes: it is in fact designed for all those companies that want to develop new related products, connect existing products or create industrial IoT solutions.

The IoT Zerynth platform is therefore able to meet industrial IoT needs: a complete IoT end-to-end solution, which allows you to easily manage hardware, software and cloud services and reduce development times through flexible tools and scale

The new Zerynth hardware product line includes development boards, expansion boards, IoT modules and powerful and efficient IoT industrial devices.

The new IoT module (ZM1), which allows you to have connected products, scalable and safe, are joined by modular development boards (ZM1-DB) flexible and easy to customize, which allow to increase the functionality of the machines and are adaptable,

These cards can be inserted into an industrial DIN guide box, making prototyping fast and efficient. The expansion cards allow you to add specific features, such as the ability to interface industrial sensors, PLCs and add new generation cellular connectivity (5G).

The entire hardware system is therefore made up of modules, devices and IoT development boards. It is managed thanks to the zOS operating system, programmable in C and Python.Each Zerynth device connects to the zCloud for data transmission and management and management of the fleet of devices. The zCloud facilitates integration with third-party Cloud applications and services.

This way, the platform can provide a wide range of IoT applications and meet the needs of all sectors, such as manufacturing, automotive, logistics, agriculture, waste management, energy, etc.

The complete suite is the zDashboard, a cloud application that allows you to easily and intuitively create real-time data visualization interfaces and automatic and interactive reporting systems accessible everywhere.

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