YouTube Shorts is the new video creation and visualization experience on YouTube that Google has launched for content creators and artists who want to shoot short and captivating videos using nothing but their mobile phones, explained

Behind this move, in the backlight, it is not difficult to see the desire to compete directly with TikTok, especially in the light of the well-known events in the United States of the popular platform of short videos.

Google, in the official YouTube blog, wants to point out that the short videos generated by users were born on YouTube from the very first upload on the platform, a short 18-second video called However, the overwhelming rise of Chinese social video apps is undeniable in recent times.

The YouTube team points out that, with the advancement of technology, creators and artists can now exploit the enormous power of current smartphones to easily create and publish high quality content wherever they are. This also applies, in reflection, to the use of these content by users around the world.

All these factors, both technological and market, have led Google to the launch of YouTube Shorts, which aims to be the new short-lived video experience of the YouTube platform, dedicated to creators and artists who want to shoot short clips

The launch of this new product will initially take place with an early beta in India, with a handful of tools for creating the service to test. Starting from this preliminary version, the development team intends to expand both functionality and availability in other countries in the coming months.

With YouTube Shorts tools you can create videos of 15 seconds easily identifiable then on the YouTube home page, in the new Shorts container, as well as in other parts of the app.

For the creation phase, YouTube is launching new tools for testing such as a multi-segment camera to put together multiple video clips, the ability to record with music from a vast library of songs growing, speed controls that

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