With lockdown you spend more time at home and increase the enjoyment of streaming videos, both on TV and on devices: on this theme, Google has received feedback from numerous advertisers who are quickly adapting their creative strategies

In outlining the new context and changing needs, Debbie Weinstein, Vice President for Global Video & YouTube Solutions, quotes a recent report by Comscore that highlighted that over 70 million US households are now living in the world.

According to Comscore, it still highlights Debbie Weinstein, YouTube has the highest reach and viewing hours among advertising-supported streaming services and represents a quarter of all streaming viewing time, both on subscription platforms and on The lockdown directives have amplified this transition to TV screens, Google points out, as the overall viewing time jumped 80 percent year-on-year in March 2020.

Over 60% of viewers who accessed YouTube on TV screens, Google has also announced, has seen a video published in the last 7 days. In addition, Google has recorded different user behaviors when people interact with YouTube on TV screen: they often share entertainment with others, unlike the more individual mobile experience.

A recent study by Google’s Nielsen has revealed that 26 percent of the adult viewers watch YouTube together on TV screen, compared to 22 percent of the linear TV.

As the time of viewing and the influx of daily visitors increases, and the media mix that increasingly rely on streaming, advertisers become more important than ever to measure the impact.

As a result, Google is accelerating the launch of Brand Lift for YouTube on TV screens. For viewers, this means that surveys will be optimized for large screen and interactivity with a remote control of the TV, so that people can respond or skip the survey easily.

This will allow marketing professionals to make informed decisions about the performance of ads and to better optimize real-time streaming campaigns, regardless of whether they use Google Ads or Display & Video 360, both for pre-order and auction-based campaigns.

Brand Lift will be available in the coming weeks for the YouTube app and at the beginning of the third quarter for YouTube TV.

At the end of last year Google launched YouTube Masthead on TV screens, to help advertisers reach and create awareness on the ever-wider audience of streaming. YouTube’s Masthead ads allow you to present the brand, as well as a product or service, in a space that has great visibility in the feed on the YouTube home page. This, on all devices: desktops, furniture and now also on TV screens.

This year, Google announced again, the company will offer even greater flexibility by introducing the popular format of the unfamiliar ads for content broadcast on TV screens.

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