Google has announced new smart advertising solutions on YouTube, which make videos more usable, make it even easier to inspire people to act directly on the streaming platform, use automation to favor conversions and help understand

The timing of this latest release, Google itself emphasizes it, is linked to the period of lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The prolonged closure of stores forced brands around the world to recalibrate their media campaigns to focus on promoting online sales and digitalisation.

In addition, as businesses start reopening, they have the opportunity to use videos to trigger both online and offline actions on YouTube. Google reports some data that 70% of people claim to have purchased a certain brand as a result of viewing the streaming platform.

So to help businesses establish a stronger ecommerce presence, Google is experimenting with a new way to make video ads more operable \”shoppable ”, expanding ads with images of puffy products aimed at inspiring a purchase

All that needs to be done at the company is to synchronize the Google Merchant Center feed with its own video ads, and can visually expand the call-to-action button with the best-selling ones that you want to present to your audience and

In addition, for businesses with limited marketing budgets, Google also announced the Video action campaigns, a simple and cost-effective way to generate multiple conversions on YouTube, which automatically brings video ads that translate into actions on the YouTube feed home

To make this solution even easier, Google will include any future inventory that will be available, such as the What to look at feed later. This saves businesses time and focuses on strategic initiatives such as creating the right creativity and messaging for their audience.

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