Young Agency is the Italian start-up fintech that developed Young Platform, the new exchange where you can buy Bitcoin and others among the main cryptocurrencies in a simple and fast way.

The Young ecosystem, had illustrated the company in presenting its solution, was developed on three key concepts: simplicity, security and performance, and fits into the exchange platform market.

Exchanges, Young Agency explained, are the most used tool for accessing the market of cryptocurrency by investors. In the context of cryptocurrency, exchange represents a platform on which users can exchange a cryptocurrency with another or buy and sell their coins with legal tender currencies.

One of the cornerstones of the platform is therefore ease of use. The Young Platform allows access to Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies in three simple steps: you choose the desired quantity, you select the cryptomoneta and you make the purchase.

Young Platform, through its crypto portfolio, allows not only to buy, but also to sell and preserve cryptocurrencies.

The start-up a few weeks ago also officially announced the online arrival of the Young Platform Pro, the new advanced exchange that allows you to trade at a professional level, with more than 30 cryptocurrencies, charts and customizable orders, and more. All using the same account and Wallet Young Platform.

More recently, a few days ago, the company announced YoungCash, a new feature that is the result of the partnership between Young and Viacash that allows you to load your Young Platform account directly to the Pam and Penny Market authorized stores.

This new option means that if your card is not accepted or your bank does not support instant transfers, there is a third chance to make quick wallet recharges.

To do this, simply access the platform of your smartphone, activate the geolocation to locate the nearest enabled point of sale and, once at the checkout of the chosen point of sale, enter the amount to be deposited, from which the transaction fees (by 2%) will be After this, a barcode will appear to show at the cash register where you can pay cash or with the card.

After a maximum of 15 minutes, you will ensure the company, the deposit will be credited to your Young Platform portfolio.

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