Xiaomi Corporation announced that Xiaomi EV Company Limited has completed registration in the company register with a capital of RMB 10 billion and that Lei Jun, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, is the legal representative: this

At the end of March, you announced during your speech the official entry of Xiaomi into the electric vehicle market committing to invest a total of $10 billion in this business over the next 10 years, and with an initial investment of 10 billion R She will lead the team and will put her reputation in the Xiaomi challenge to business EV. The CEO is therefore leading the team towards a goal: to double the production of electric vehicles to turn its promises into actions, showing its firm determination and confidence.

Wang Xiang, Partner and Chairman of Xiaomi, said he felt the boundless passion of the automotive industry for Xiaomi, as the company received over 20000 resumes. Xiaomi EV has carefully selected talents and has formed a team of about 300 employees. The strong appeal of talent recruitment has shown that Xiaomi has become an emerging force that brings high expectations among the professionals. The team, still expanding rapidly, welcomes other talents who feel the same way.

During the 5 months from the announcement of the initiative until the official registration of the company, the Xiaomi EV team conducted a huge amount of research on users and controls of the industrial chain, with more than 2,000 interviews and visits to more than 10 partners and colleagues of the

On 25 August, Xiaomi announced the acquisition of a leading technology company called Deepmotion Tech. This is because the group has started to focus on the realization of technologies and talents related to the automotive sector. Currently there are 16,000 engineers in Xiaomi and its R&D expenditures were almost 10 billion RMBs in 2020. This demonstrates the ability of Chinese society and the confidence to have a rich pool of talents and technologies. The technological advantages of the company in artificial intelligence, new materials and other fields will create strong support for the automotive business.

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