Designed to support the management of shared resources and connected devices in offices and schools, the latest version of Sony’s Workspace Management solution Theos 2.2 can prove to be a valuable ally even in the face of the current needs of greater mobility control or of the

Announced during ISE 2020 in February, TEOS 2.2 was designed to integrate the latest advances in IoT sensor technology into the management software, improve integration and manage workspaces and users.

There are about twenty features added to the new version. Among these, stand out the customizable options of Smart Automation, the new Meeting Display interface and an integration with Outlook.

Recently, Sony has also created pre-defined templates for dedicated visual messages and readily included in the new update to support office management in compliance with the Covid-19 standards.

With TEOS 2.2, Covid-19-sized environments

In addition, a number of workflows that guarantee flexibility and social space, such as the management of available workstations.

The TEOS solutions are designed to optimize the use of connected devices in the work and learning environments, so that organizations can save time, money and energy without sacrificing the flexibility and scalability needed to meet changing business needs.

In particular, the latest version of the solution devotes more attention to the IoT world. For example, by integrating Sony’s intelligent sensor data to detect space, temperature, humidity, CO2, noise and light in the various work environments.

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