To understand the transformation in place we begin from the forecast data, supplied to us from Sergio Patano Associate Research Director of Idc: by 2022 hybrid work will become the norm, since more than 75% of the main companies worldwide will increase the expenditure in models as a

What about the press? It will continue to do so: 69% of companies will not change the volume of total printed pages.

A data that encourages a printing company like Brother, who has been able to intercept change in time, directing his/her own towards the change of workspace.

Covid has completely impacted (94%) on IT strategies in Italy: 61% of companies have been down, but 14% have increased. In 2020, spending on printing equipment decreased (-17% compared to 2019: from 1 billion to 862 million euros), in a market that is made by multi-function printers for 86%.

Evidence that Covid has negatively impacted on spending on printing devices is the figure that fixes MFP A3s down 21%: with closed offices and employees in remote working, these company devices have suffered the delay of the replacement MFP A4s have also dropped, but much less: by

And from this data the rise of the press, the result of strategic choices and ability to adapt.

Marcello Acquaviva, president and managing director of Brother, explained this, that in A4 lasers from 2018 to 2020 grew by 59%, becoming the second player in the sector, with a market share of 24%.

L’Hybrid workforce, with many people in smart (remote) working, has dictated a substantial transition from the “A3” to the “A4” and also exploiting an evolution of the “offering” by companies like Brother. And a different way of working has been established, with the focus on security and protection of personal data, important elements for both those who work from home and for those who work in the office.

Patano explained this phenomenon as the pendulum of the office layout, a symbology often used also to depict the ICT in its cyclic, dynamic, peregrinare from pivotal models to decentralized (from mainframe to client server

But in this case we talk about printing: a journey that starts from a model centered on the single desktop printer to that with the centralized shared printer, and then return from the single printer, decentralized, at home.

Stefan Dawid, Director Services & Solutions Brother, has specified that between centralization and decentralization has established the remote working, for which first comes the laptop and the connection, immediately after the printer, also because at home you To apply them you need light machines, with all the functionality, controlled by companies.

The Brother service is called Pages+, a contractual formula with payment on consumption: only what you print in the month is charged. The all-inclusive solution also works, starting from a single machine, and includes technical assistance and delivery of all consumables directly to the user (office or private home). The user does not have to worry about the reorder: the firmware does. What is it used to use it, besides the printer? Just a Vpn connection.

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Gianluca Paese, Product & Solutions Marketing Responsible by Brother recalled that Brother has proactively addressed the new normal not only with small office printing devices, but also with centralized systems and solutions

The safe work is the one where employees, employees and customers are informed of the new rules in the working environment, highlighting them in a clear and orderly way.

The Brother label printers can create useful signs: to create organised and defined paths identifying and indicating potential dangers; to place notices on windows, doors or access to common areas to remember the obligation of social distance; to highlight the need to

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