Range is an American company developing a team collaboration solution that is working a lot on integrations with third parties: and, speaking of collaboration, it is no coincidence that, after that with Slack, the company has now announced integration with Microsoft Team

The work is evolving at an unprecedented pace, accelerated by the global pandemic of Covid-19, highlights Range.

As organizations adapt to distance work, it became clear how crucial communication software is. And Microsoft Teams is rapidly becoming the standard for how teams communicate.

The Microsoft Teams, he underlined, is one of the most important integration requests that the company received from users.

For this reason, Range has worked closely with Microsoft to develop integration and make sure that the key characteristics of Range make the most of Teams’ workspace, in order to make team work even more effective in the company,

Teams usually schedule meetings to get updates on the status of a project, but then they get tired at the end of a day full of video calls: you exchange messages to understand what is going on, but all the chat breaks leave little time

In the end, it highlights Range, not much to be surprised that it is difficult to know what others are working on and feel connected and synchronized with your team.

It is to solve these problems that Range has designed the Check-ins tool.

The principle of operation is this: Range sends a reminder to the user on Outlook every morning, to help build a simple habit of planning your day, thinking about the work to do and sharing it with your team as Check-in. It only takes a few minutes to create and share a Check-in, he emphasizes.

As team members check in, the user can see what others are working on, directly in Microsoft Teams: simply by adding the Range tab to his Teams, the user will always be updated on what they are on.

Range also helps to make video calls more productive. Just add Range to your meetings and you can see a sidebar during the call, with your team’s Check-in.

Rather than long and long state updates, everyone can get the basic information from Check-in and then spend time on more meaningful conversations about work.

Finally, the team building functions incorporated in Range help your team feel connected when working from home and makes the work more rewarding.

As online audio and video conferencing are one of Microsoft Teams’ most powerful features, Range has also brought some key elements of its solution into integration to make these functions even more powerful.

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