According to the latest Unioncamere report, based on the forecasts of the Excelsior model, one third of the skills requirements up to 2024 will be absorbed by the themes of sustainability and digital, and sustainability alone represents 19% of the total.

Of the approximately 2.7 million people entering the world of work over the next five years 62% will have to have expertise on environmental issues, an increasingly fundamental requirement.

Not surprisingly, universities have been modulated on these new needs for several years: in the academic year 2020-21 alone, they have required the activation of about twenty new courses with environmental orientation, which are added to the 37 most born at the beginning of the academic year.

Students follow closely the evolution of the labour market: according to this, freshmen have been oriented to Architecture Sciences, with inscriptions increased by 16%, Architecture and construction engineering of architecture (+8.5%), Biotechnology (+9.5%)

Last year, the number of enrollments in Environmental Sciences and Technologies, as well as in Civil and Environmental Engineering, fell by 7.5% and in Agricultural and Forestry Science and Technologies by 0.7%. The reason for this is that we are paying attention to the specific demands of the new labour market.

And again, according to Unioncamere, companies are constantly looking for Energy Managers, professionals with the task of promoting the best use of energy in their organization.

On the digital skills front, the demand of Growth Hacker grows: figures that design and develop the growth strategies of the enterprise using computer engineering, marketing and communication on social; or the Ux Designers or who, in concrete terms, designs the iconic design of the company The contribution of Data Scientists, which are required to be able to program, to analyse quantitatively, to understand the product and who must be able to do teamwork, is fundamental in these years. A future also marked by Cloud Architects who develop and develop cloud environments and broadband architects that take care of interactive web TV innovations and content selection.

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