The WordPress mobile apps provide a useful and effective way to manage your site from anywhere and at any time.

Lupin has recently received a renewal of the design whose rollout has been completed in the latest version WordPress 17.1, which is now available for Android and iOS on their respective stores.

The development team, in presenting lupdate, stressed that new features and improvements are introduced into WordPress apps in each release. However, visual design had not changed much in recent years.

For this reason, the team has been working in recent months to modernise the design of the apps. As with features such as Dark Mode (which is available on both iOS and Android devices), the WordPress team also benefited from new components made available in the latest versions of mobile operating systems.

Larger and more prominent headers now recall key areas of the product and create a greater visual distinction between the top level cards and the deepest levels of apps.

In addition, a new colour palette now matches a more neutral background that lets the contents stand out, with brighter blues that make the interactive elements even more evident. Then, a new serif character is related to the roots of WordPress in writing and publishing.

At the end of March, also had a revisiting of design. In particular, the update was designed to make the site management more intuitive and introduce greater consistency in all parts of

The update introduced in the same management menu as to which is referred in a lot of documentation and tutorial material.

Many users had expressed unpositive feedback that navigation on could be confused due to the different layouts of the sidebars, menus and other components. Lupdate of the design involved the sidebars and menus that were wide open and rationalised them in a dashboard admin that is consistent for everyone.

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