Wolters Kluwer reports that he has joined Genya and One Fiscale in a single tool dedicated to accountants.

As Pierfrancesco Angeleri, Managing Director of Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Italia, pointed out in a note, , is the start of a broader plan of integration between Genya and One

With the integration of the instrument in Genya, professionals access from a single entry point to an information space always updated and highly specialized.

In this way the Genya suite becomes a digital environment in which there are space for accounting modules, budget creation, declaratives, study management and of course also mobile electronic invoicing, on every support and with advanced tools of remote collaboration.

The integration allows you to view all updates reported and interpreted by One Fiscale on the Genya dashboard.

Having immediate evidence of the impacts of a new regulatory or management on the activity of the study, represents a great competitive advantage.

One Fiscale thinks like the tax professional and anticipates its needs with the contents of Ipsoa and the tax: from legislative updates to bureaucratic requirements, from insights into issues of interest to the interpretation of complex cases.

The connection between Genya and One Fiscale is simple. A special section in the software allows you to deepen the relevant issues and news, or that impact on the activity that the professional is carrying out, simply clicking in the entries of the section •What Change • One Fiscale.

In a few seconds, Wolters Kluwer lets you know, the Genya user can access directly the ONE ecosystem, getting targeted information on the topic, deepening the themes or using all the tools available on One Fiscale.

For Giulietta Lemmi, CEO of Wolters Kluwer Italy,

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