McDonald’s Corporation and Dynamic Yield announced an agreement that McDonald’s will acquire Dynamic Yield. McDonald’s is a name that can hardly be familiar. Considering that the iconic brand has tens of thousands of restaurants in over 120 markets worldwide.

The company that the food and beverage giant has decided to acquire is certainly less known to the non-attendant. Dynamic yield is an Israeli company, with offices in New York and Tel Aviv, specialized in customization technology and decision logic.

The platform called Personalization Anywhere by Dynamic Yield is enhanced by artificial intelligence, is omni-channel and goes beyond the Customer Data Management.

In the official announcement note of the acquisition, McDonald’s informs that it will use this technology to offer an even more personalized customer experience. The brand also gives some concrete examples of possible applications of this technology.

For example, vary the external digital displays of the Drive Thru menu to show food choices according to the time of day. As well as according to the weather, the current situation of the restaurant crowd and the menu items more \’trend \’of the moment. Dynamic yield technology is also able to provide instant tips. And to display additional items to a customer’s order based on the choices already made.

Dynamic yield seems to play a crucial role in McDonald’s digital transformation. The contribution of technology will not be limited to the digital screens of the Thru Drives. It will improve other contact points of the digital customer experience. For example, the self-order kiosks and McDonald’s global mobile app.

Dynamic yield brings artificial intelligence to menus

Liad Agmon, Ceo of Dynamic Yield, on the company’s blog shares the evolution that has led to this important turning point.

Dynamic yield has been working from the outset to offer solutions for customer-centric organisations that want to consider individualised experiences and customization as a strategic priority.

Born as a small reality, Dynamic yield technology now enhances more than 300 brands on six continents. This technology helps companies create unified customer profiles, launch and optimize customization campaigns and automate decision-making.

The platform allows the delivery of individual customer experiences on any touchpoint: web, app, email, kiosks, IoT and call center. The data management capabilities of the Anywhere Personalization platform allow the rapid creation of strongly targeted and scalable digital interactions.

It is a flexible and powerful tool dedicated to marketers, product managers and engineers. The machine learning algorithms enable recommendations of products and contents and custom notifications.

The digital transformation of McDonald’s

This acquisition will allow McDonalds, the latter stresses, to be one of the first companies to integrate decision-making technology into the physical point of sale to the customer. McDonald’s also makes it known that he has already tested this technology in several restaurants in the United States in 2018.

Upon the completion of the acquisition, McDonald’s will begin introducing this technology into Drive Thru restaurants in the United States, in the course of 2019. To extend its use to other international markets. McDonald’s will also start work to integrate technology into all of its touchpoints of digital customer experience with the customer.

The intention of the multinational food company is therefore to push further on the accelerator of technology and innovation in the customer experience.

This, with the help of Dynamic yield technology. On which, moreover, McDonald’s claims to want to continue investing. In addition, Dynamic Yield will remain an independent company that will continue to support its current customers and attract future customers.

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