Willo Technologies is a Scottish startup that has developed a system for conducting simple and flexible video interviews.

Designed for recruitment, the Willo tool can also be useful for employee engagement activities; however, it is not limited to the use by human resources departments alone. It can serve businesses as a tool for video communications, for example, to collect feedback from their customers, for training activities (and, in this context, it can also be useful for students, schools and universities) and in various other areas.

So how does Willo work?

In the case of, for example, use for the selection of staff, a landing page is created in a simple and fast way for the job interview, after which you share the link with the medium you prefer (via email, messaging and so on). People who wish to apply can then record their answers to the questions asked by the company in video, and can do so from anywhere, even (and above all, even more so during this period) from home.

Finally, the company can view and select the responses received in video.

This on-demand process allows organizations, he points out, to save the time that would be needed to plan calls or video calls. In addition, an entirely digital process may be able to attract more responses, as it can also be completed remotely.

Video interviews remain on Willo’s dashboard and can be shared within a team, e.g. HR. You can also use it on any device.

Willo also offers the possibility to choose from hundreds of questions precompiled by professionals from various sectors, or of course the company can write its own. The setup of the service is simple and you can brand it with your own brand.

The startup is also trying out in beta a feature that uses artificial intelligence to analyze videos based on keywords and behavioral traits, so that this process can also be automated.

More information about Willo is available on the company’s website.

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