The Cispe Code of Conduct, Gaia

The recent approval of the Code of Conduct of the Cispe on Data Protection by independent European data protection authorities and in accordance with the GDPR is a fundamental step at the continental level.

By offering users the systematic choice of storing and processing data exclusively in Europe, but also by ensuring that customers’ data are not reused, the CISPE Code strengthens the foundations of European digital sovereignty.

In addition, essential elements have been presented to solve the wider problem of European dependence on technology from foreign services, aggravated by the shortage of investment to support continental industrial policy.

A historic challenge that the EU wants to address through an ambitious strategy, the European Data Strategy, which aims to differentiate itself from the international context characterised by a substantial lack of a global governance system, but also to achieve a number of development objectives in the field of data protection.

These objectives include, at national and continental level, support for the competitiveness of businesses, also through clear and harmonised policies to protect the confidentiality and security of information and the possibility of using service providers in a truly competitive market.

In this sense, the Cispe guarantees users the choice of selecting services that allow data to be stored exclusively within the European Economic Area, thus promoting best data protection practices, which see GAIA-X as the most ambitious project of digital sovereignty.

This is therefore an essential element for the GAIA-X project and its ambition to strengthen digital sovereignty in Europe.

The GAIA-X initiative was created to meet the needs of protection and market opening, aiming to create…spaces dedicated to users who want to share their business data, through a common ontology regarding data that are shared… that is, an organisation

Each of these users can participate in the data space by relying on their own or their own cloud service providers, but having the certainty that they can count on interoperable solutions and can count on an organization, GAIA-X, which promotes interoperability and data portability The latter is really crucial, as it allows you to avoid lock-in with a single supplier, but on the contrary it allows a real choice on the market.

The sharing of this vision and the intrinsically European values that form its foundations has prompted OVHcloud to be among the founders of GAIA-X, as it is firmly convinced of the need for a cloud closer to the needs of companies and people, who respect more the

Cloud as a common good for unprecedented development

When it comes to the continental cloud market and the European digital sovereignty, the stakes are enormous. As recalled by our CEO of OVHcloud Michel Paulin in the recent meeting held at the French Embassy in Rome and which has involved some of the major players in the Italian digital landscape, it is estimated that by 2030, the cloud market could On the other hand, in the absence of important decisions that fit in with the Cispe Code of Conduct and GAIA-X policies, Europe could lose up to half of its economic and social impact on this market.

For this reason, it is even more crucial that the scenario advocated by the KPMG in the

Today, more than ever, the cloud is not only a question of technology or technology, but also of governance that must be understood globally by both companies and political institutions, because from here the future passes not only of European companies but of all the citizens of our continent.

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