Red Hat presents the second edition of the report The State of Enterprise Open Source: Free software is important for the global software strategy of organizations.

The interviewed sample consists of 950 professionals in four regions: respondents had to be familiar with open source in the company and at least 1% of Linux software installed at their organization, were not necessarily Red Hat customers and did not know that Red This has brought together a more honest and comprehensive view of the true state of the company’s open source.

The numbers do not lie about the importance of open source in organisations: 95% of respondents (compared to

In addition, respondents confirmed that they believe the enterprise open source is chosen by the most innovative companies (86%).

As the use of open source in the company is expected to increase in the next two years, the use of proprietary software should decrease. The data confirm this: last year more than half (55%) of the software used by the interviewed was owner. This year it has fallen to 42%; in two years the sample expects it to fall to 32%.

On the contrary, the respondents shared that 36% of their organization’s software is now open source and expect it to increase to 44% in the next two years.

Cloud computing has become an integral part of business strategy and business IT architecture and the hybrid cloud has emerged as the main approach to the cloud. Our survey found that 63% of respondents today have a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

However, 37% of the total does not have a hybrid cloud infrastructure within the next 24 months. Hybrid cloud is the predominant cloud for many reasons: not all workloads are suitable for public cloud environments, but a hybrid cloud approach that can range from edge and coffin metal to multiple public clouds (multicloud)

With the growing role of the cloud, IT professionals rely on the open source to help them build their platform. L

Open source software has long been seen as a cost-efficient option, but is no longer considered the driving factor. Organisations using open source are seeing a multitude of advantages.

In stark contrast to last year, respondents said that the higher quality of the software (33%) was the main reason why they chose the open source, followed by lower total cost of ownership (30%) and improved security (29%).

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