Using a Pbx cloud means cutting the cost of the switchboard by at least 50% and using virtualization anywhere, at any time, even when it comes to talking on the phone.

The German Nfon, who opens operations in Italy with seven people, entrusted to the guide of Marco Pasculli (manager of proven experience in the Tlc: Huawei, Nortel, Avaya and Alcatel Lucent) presenting himself as

This means that all the country served (fourteen, fifteen soon, with France imminent) are in Europe, said the CEO and CFO of Nfon Ag, Hans Szymanski.

Nfon’s figures speak of a former startup (he is 12 years old on his shoulders) of 350 thousand people who use his solutions every day, of 30 thousand companies served (including brands such as Maxizoo, Docmorris, Elektrobit),

In 2018 she listed in Frankfurt in the Standard Prime segment and started this year by buying Deutsche Telefon Standard Ag (as well as landing in Italy).

The results are right for the German company: the total revenues of 2018 increased by 21%, to 43 million euros, and the recurring revenues are 80%. Users are 27% more than in the previous year, which drives society to say that it wants to be the number one in the European cloud telephony market and offer maximum freedom in corporate communication.

Nfon, what is this about?

Markus Krammer, the product vice president, explains it. • The pbx cloud is a unique opportunity. A plug and play system, easy to use and administer, which allows you to add extensions (new numbers) when needed, available anywhere, always and on any device. With data security and availability guarantee. E compliant with GDPR \ alla Germana \\\.

The Nfon platform that does all this is called Cloudya: it runs on iOS and Android, Windows and Mac, on the web has apps for Chrome, firefox and Safari.

One, the Pbx cloud number

The winning model for the German company has a number, one: a login, a telephone number, a fee (8,80 euro per month per user), a naming, a service for all countries.

The system is reliable thanks to a geo-redundant infrastructure, based on two datacenters, one in Munich, the other in Nuremberg, configured in active-active mode.

What is missing in this perfect scenario? The market, that would be said. As Marco Pasculli, managing director Nfon italia, • Today in Italy the rate of adoption of the phone in the cloud is one of the lowest in Europe. But this is a great opportunity for Nfon, it’s the future.

Is professional telephony still important? , Yes is, and more and more: you make contracts on the phone, you

In Italy there are 18 million employees of Pmi, 4 million employees of medium large companies and 12 million fixed phones: this is the market that Nfon points to.

Change the switchboard to the Pmi and hotels

Nfon’s core business is therefore replacing the telephone switchboard by putting the Pbx in the cloud for any business sector.

In addition, the German company has developed three services.

Contact center in the cloud: you buy as a monthly service, useful for seasonal people.

And considering that in Italy there are 33 thousand hotels and 22 thousand agritourisms, with the offer Nhospitality, proposes to implement avant-garde communications for the hotel industry, to speed up the processes, minimize costs, with the complete removal of the power plant

Finally, digital voice services, with registration of the phone call with legal value: encrypted and stored in cloud standard.

For all this there is only one price: 8,80 euros per user on a monthly basis. The contract is rolling, renewed every 30 days. The single user is available on a single (inside) number that can be used up to 9 devices regardless of hardware, fixed or mobile. Voice quality is certified TUV.

As cloud updates to the platform take place centrally.

Nfon works with System integrator and resellers: 2000 in Europe and in Italy are in the recruitment phase.

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