3D printing is taking off permanently and promises to change face to face to face to face to face. And it does so almost seventy years after the first patent of an additive production system. Robert Rodrigues, Analog Applications Engineer of Texas Instruments, accompanies us in a historical excursus on modern additive production.

Now that the most important patents have expired, innovation in the additive production sector can lead to significant market growth. For example, Rodrigues notes, some innovators are taking up the original idea of Hull and revolutionizing the process with Texas Instruments’ DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology.

The heart of DLP technology is the digital mirror device (DMD-Digital Micromirror Device). The DMD is a space light modulator (SLM) that allows dynamically masking a large area of light for different purposes.

You can read how it works by continuing reading on the website of 3D Printing Creative, HERE.

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