Instant messaging has been born, and has quickly replaced other methods such as SMS, for personal conversations, but over the past few years more and more people have started using WhatsApp also for business reasons or to interact with business activities, and it is in this

According to Facebook, which reports WhatsApp, many of the traditional channels used by private individuals and companies to communicate with each other are no longer effective and the Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated even more clearly that companies need alternative methods to interact with customers and

In this context, he again emphasizes Facebook, WhatsApp has proved to be a useful and effective resource, considering that every day more than 175 million people send messages to WhatsApp Business accounts. A Facebook search revealed that customers prefer to send a message to the activities to get assistance and are more likely to complete the order when this option is available.

In the last two years, the WhatsApp Business app and API have allowed companies of any size to manage their conversations with customers. However, Facebook itself recognizes that there is still a long way to go and, after listening to the feedback of users, shared the areas in which it intends to invest further in the coming months.

First, purchases: Facebook announced its intention to develop new features to allow you to view the available products and complete the purchase directly from the chat and also stated that it wanted to aim to allow activities to integrate these functions more easily with their sales and assistance solutions

Another investment area will be the Facebook hosting services. Every business, the company of the well-known social network, has different technological needs and must be able to choose with which companies to collaborate for the management of communications with its customers, especially in a period when the work remotely is more and more widespread.

For this reason Facebook has announced that over the next few months it will expand the partnerships with the suppliers of solutions company with which it already works for approximately two years and will also make available to the companies a new option for the management of messages of WhatsApp through hosting services

This option is also aimed especially at small and medium-sized enterprises because it will allow them to start their business on WhatsApp, sell products, keep inventory up to date and respond promptly to messages, even when employees work remotely.

Finally, the third area that will see a development concerns the sale of services to companies: Facebook has announced the intention to charge business customers a fee for some of the services offered. This, says Facebook, will allow WhatsApp to continue developing its business and ensure the service of free calls and messages for over two billion users.

Facebook also published a video that illustrates its vision of the user experience that a company’s messaging should offer users in WhatsApp, with the possibility to browse the catalog of a store in a chat, add an item to the shopping cart,

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