Very heavy sanction, the one imposed by the Irish authorities on WhatsApp: a fine of 225 million euros for violating European regulations on the protection of personal data.

The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) fined WhatsApp after a investigation initiated at the end of 2018, in order to verify whether the company had infringed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and consequently the privacy of users.

The Authority stated that WhatsApp Ireland did not provide the necessary data protection information to users.

This is the largest fine ever issued by the Irish Data Protection Commission, and the second largest one imposed on an organisation under EU Data Protection Laws.

That’s why WhatsApp was sanctioned

According to the Irish Commission, WhatsApp has not treated the personal data of users lawfully, fairly and transparently. In addition, the social network has failed to provide information on the methods of data collection • in concise, transparent, intelligible and easily accessible form, using a clear and simple language • • • • • This includes making information easy to understand for minors, if information is addressed to them. In addition, WhatsApp failed to inform users where data was stored, details of someone that users can contact and the purposes for which they were collected and who receives the data.

Finally, WhatsApp did not inform users when their personal data was obtained and processed by third parties and where this data comes from.

At WhatsApp, it was also ordered to take a series of actions to align its data policies with strict EU regulations.

WhatsApp said that the fine is… completely disproportionate and will appeal.

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