Reddit is basically a large group of forums where registered users can talk about almost everything that you can imagine, and recent news events about Gamestop and its Wall Street rating are a brilliant example.

As a normal forum, there are specialized subforums, which are defined as these specialized forums are called…subreddit, which is referred to as r /…topic, (e.g.: r / ga

There are over 130000 active subreddits, and you can read them and participate actively, except for private subreddits, which require an admission process.

Also, you can subscribe to subreddit, so that their most popular posts are displayed on Reddit’s first custom page.

The Reddit social platform has a first page where there are some contributions, thanks to different algorithms. This first page has several tabs.

For unregistered users, the default tab is The score is determined by subtracting negative votes from positive votes.

Registered users are registered instead If you are registered, the default tab is called It presents the most voted posts from all subreddit but takes into account other things, such as presentations where you spent time before or the subreddit you are registered with.

Recently, Reddit has cut a front row position for general attention for its function as an aggregate of what has been called the new frontier of digital populism.

A populism, if one can call it such a powerful and capable of defeating on their own ground many hedge funds, forced to ask for financial aid to avoid billions of dollars bankruptcy.

And it’s not just Gamestop, even silver is now in the redditers’ sight: prices have been up to the maximum for eight years after Reddit users have turned their attention to precious metal.

The Reddit r / wallstreetbets thread has mentioned several times l’hashtag #silversqueeze, where users encouraged each other to buy silver, causing the price of metal to pierce.

L’Argento spot has risen by 12% to $30.17 l’Ounce, with an increase of almost 20% in the last five days and the highest price since February 2013.

It is difficult to say what the prospects for this phenomenon are; of course, the ability to shift valuations and prices for billions of dollars cannot be underestimated by anyone.

Ignoring a shock force of these proportions, although new and difficult to identify in individual subjects, could have catastrophic consequences for a single society even of large size.

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