In the crowdfunding panorama, a name that is gaining a growing specific weight is Patreon. The platform links a content creator to users who want to use its services by granting funding.

A simple but extremely effective idea; the proof is the numerous rounds of investments already achieved.

With the last 155 million dollars collected by Tiger Global Management, Patreon’s valuation has reached a value of 4 billion dollars.

Suffice it to say that less than a year ago, the value was just over a billion dollars.

How Patreon was born: the idea of an American musician

Patreon was born from the personal experience of one of the founders, Jack Conte.

With a sequel to millions of people on YouTube for their videos, the statuntile musician has been questioning himself decisively. How can we turn the artistic performances offered to users free of charge into money?

Patreon was the concrete answer. The platform allows so-called creators to become entrepreneurs of themselves, giving a financial value to all those works and performances that all too often on the web have no way of producing an income for those who perform them.

The concept is: you can listen to songs, watch videos, view works, watch an artist’s performances, but to do so you will have to support him with an economic contribution, usually on a monthly basis.

In view of the important opportunity for freelancers, Patreon is used mainly by Youtuber, video makers, photographers, and artists of all kinds to collect donations and finance their creative activities thanks to the contributions of the patrons (donors), who in return receive

How the platform works: the relationship between creator and patron

Patreon is a subscription platform that allows creators to receive rewards easily.

As a creator, with Patreon you can receive compensation thanks to the realization of what is created in your creative and artistic activity. They can be comics online, videos, songs and more.

Fans pay a small amount monthly or for each published post. The creator receives payment every month or every time he shares new content.

As a Patron (or supporter) instead, with Patreon a user can join the communities of his favorite creators and pay them to continue to realize what he loves and appreciates. The Patron, thanks to the crowdfunding platform, has the possibility to pay a small monthly amount or for each post published by a creator.

For example, if a user pays 2 euros for each video and the creator publishes 3 this month, 6 euros will be charged to the credit card.

This means that the creator receives regular rewards (every time he publishes new content) and the patron becomes a real’mecenenate’.

The future is rosy for Patreon

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