Most often, in a general way, the terms IPTV, web TV, OTT and OTTV are used to indicate live or on demand transmissions that use the internet instead of traditional ones such as terrestrial or satellite frequencies.

It is not uncommon to call IPTV an OTT/OTTV and vice versa, while sometimes the web TV term is (improperly) used to define all IPTVs. Let’s make a little clarity, bearing in mind that there are differences but not always one mistake is made using one term rather than another.

IPTV is based on the concept of streaming… a digital bit stream containing audio/video information (but not only) and which is spread from one source to one or more destinations via a telematic network to be played in real time or on request.

At the level of application, streaming is used by RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) and RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol) protocols, while at the level of transport, the UDP (User Datagram Protocol) protocol is mainly adopted. The streaming distribution can be done in different ways: multicast (for multiple users), unicast (a specific user), http (typical client-server architecture with buffering) and P2P (sharing content between multiple users that act as both cli

The value of quality of service

The peculiarity of IPTV (such as DAZN) lies in the transmission mechanisms that aim at quality of service (QoS), technologies and protocols that allow to classify traffic, manage congestion of the network and optimally allocate resources by acting on the bit rate of the network.

The web TV (a typical example is YouTube) aims to create a communication • best effort • that is without guaranteeing the priority or quality of the transmission, usually conveying exclusive content and not the pure repetition of

The term OTT (Over The Top) identifies paid streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video while the OTTV (Over The Top TV

Both OTT and OTTV are accessible via web, app, smart TV and interactive MHP/HbbTV platforms.

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