With Netapp’s new All flash storage machines and Nvidia cards, you get high-level performance that also allows you to develop more complex virtual CAD projects, to view and work with devices such as traditional notebooks, tablets and th

The webinar will allow you to place yourself in a scenario where the virtual workstation that enjoys the synergy of NetApp, Citrix and Nvidia, allows simplified collaboration, scalability, data protection and very high performance.

The technological approach of the virtual workstation introduces a new way of working: safe, simple and independent.

Personal Data, a Project Group company, organized the webinar

During the webinar, therefore, detailed environments will be illustrated and implemented with the installation of virtualization applications, to discover the results that have brought benefits to companies.

Webinar will explain how to operate without distinction from the company headquarters or remotely in a flexible and completely safe way; benefit from independence from physical workstation; protect the intellectual property of the company; protect the drawings in the company on storage and not on the

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