In what is and will be our digital future is affirming the concept of integrated experience on data.

To create a paradigm where the data is lived by individual subjects in its entirety, a deep integration of business data, whether known or unknown, is necessary.

The creation of a supply chain of the given part from independent systems and arrives to integrated systems without neglecting any data.

It is a question of translating the needs of companies into practice and bringing together information, integrations and interactions: this is how the data experience is created.

These reports should be built from a common integration, adding data availability and contact points for user involvement.

Integration platforms, skills and methods are needed to do this.

A webinar links all these elements: it explains the enabling technology, the skills and the best Italian practices.

We talk to those who have the technology, with those who have implemented it and those who have used it and today live a given experience:

Francesco Tragni, Executive Accounts of Dell Boomi

Federico Salvarani, Analyst, Software Developer and CPL CONCORDIA B.I. Expert

Davide Malvezzi, Data Scientist of CPL CONCORDIA

Iris Quaglia, Applications Consultant by Errevi Systems

Davide Rovesti, Business Solutions Division Director of Erevi System


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