Cloud Web is a plug and play hosting solution that allows the rapid and secure launch of scalable Web applications that Ovh proposed in Europe for the first time last year.

The Web Cloud range combines freedom of configuration, derived from the availability of an isolated server, with the SSD speed to develop Web projects.

Cloud Web is a solution for web agencies, freelancers, developers who can quickly and easily create projects for their customers and benefit from the flexibility of their web hosting platform, managed by OVH, as a classic shared hosting

The service is also addressed to companies that wish to develop their professional or e-commerce site on an isolated resource, but without having to have the administrative skills of the system.

The European cloud provider now announces the launch of Cloud Web 2 and Cloud Web 3.

Web Cloud 2 and Web Cloud 3 offer additional resources, more storage space, more RAM memory, along with the ability to run two active database management systems (MySQL/MongoDB) simultaneously, with all the databases that the user

Cloud Web 3 is also equipped with multiple Cpu (2 vCore at 2.4 GHz), 8 GB memory of RAM and 65 GB SSD storage capacity. It offers the possibility to simultaneously activate two simultaneous runtime environments and to manage programming languages like PHP and Node.js at the same time.

The range offers will continue to be updated with the addition of new languages (such as Python, Ruby on Rails) and database management systems (such as PostgreSQL).

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