Microsoft has presented the virtual datacenter experience, an immersive virtual tour that will allow users to visit a typical Microsoft data center.

Over the last year, the cloud has proved increasingly crucial to promote communication, collaboration, business continuity and to ensure the provision of essential services.

Microsoft has over 200 data centers and over 265,000 kilometers of underwater, terrestrial and subway optical fiber.

With this dissemination initiative, it aims to highlight its commitment to ensure access to the cloud to as many users and companies as possible, ensuring the highest levels of security and privacy and a strong focus on sustainability.

Microsoft’s declared goal is to rely 100% on renewable energy by 2025, covering all consumption of all its data centers.

With the new virtual visit you can discover how it is done, inside and outside, a Microsoft data center and deepen various related themes.

The range is from reducing the environmental impact of cloud operations to reducing renewable energy sources that feed data centers; from hardware and software solutions that protect data to current and future innovations such as liquid cooling, hydrogen fuel cells for power supply of

Virtual visitors can tour from their computer or mobile device.

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