Today the expected Voucher Plan, which consists of a bonus for PC and internet 500 euro, reserved for citizens with ISEE less than 20,000 euros.

All eligible persons may contact one of the accredited operators who have submitted offers approved by Infratel Italia in the time limits set for the launch.

Please note that, in addition to the conditions inherent in the ISEE, a fundamental prerequisite is that there is no broadband connection (as indicated in the measure of 30 Mbit). In addition, the voucher is unique for each family unit.

According to the FAQs made available to the Bandaultralarga website, the beneficiary of the PC Bonus will have to interface directly with the telecommunications operator, who participates in the Voucher initiative, using the ordinary sales channels.

The first step of the measure provides for 500 euros that the user will benefit from as a discount on the cost of the connection (overwide band, at least 30 Megabit) and on the purchase of a tablet or computer. The voucher offer must include both these items.

The measure aims to encourage the use of ultra-wideband services throughout the country. In the Emilia-Romagna, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Lazio, Liguria and Tuscany regions, and at the explicit request of these regions, the measure will be applicable only to utilities located in some municipalities. The list of municipalities was made public by the regions concerned and published by Infratel.

You must sign a contract of minimum duration of 1 year with an operator accredited to Infotel Italia, in the next few days additional accredited operators will make available their offers to citizens.

Infotel Italia, which manages the concessionary measure on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Development, will continue the evaluation of the offers submitted by accredited operators and will provide daily updates on its institutional sites.

The phase 2 of the Bonus PC voucher, reserved for companies and families with ISEE over 20000 euros, is currently being processed: we will give you news of updates when available.

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