According to the 2020 report on the barometer of mobile Internet connections in Italy published by nPerf, a French company specializing in speed testing and performance of telecommunications networks, Vodafone is the operator who provided the best service.

The report is based on the monitoring activities of nPerf, which accumulated 484.836 mobile tests from 1 January 2020 until 31 December 2020.

From the analysis of this amount of data it has turned out that Vodafone has confirmed its previous good results also in 2020 and has positioned itself in the first place of the mobile Internet ranking, first in the speed and in the navigation results and first together with Tim on latency.

Vodafone provided the best download speed in 2020, about 37 Mb/s, and also recorded the best performance in the upload, with more than 10 Mb/s. It then placed second, behind Tim, in the It was back, but a little, just in YouTube streaming.

The final score takes into account the average results of all tests carried out and for all mobile Internet technologies, from 2G to 5G. The podium behind Vodafone is completed by Tim and, in third place, Wind Tre, with Iliad in fourth place.

If Vodafone provided the best download speed in 2020, Wind Tre has still increased its speed by 26% (+7 Mb/s) compared to 2019 and Iliad by 16% (+4 Mb/s). Tim instead recorded a slight decrease of 2 Mb/s.

As for the navigation test, this allows the user to accurately measure the loading time of the five websites most frequented by Italian internet users. YouTube is excluded, because a specific test is dedicated to the popular video streaming platform. Wind Tre and Iliad provided the best video streaming performance in 2020, according to nPerf’s report.

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