Vodafone launches its new own WiFi 6 Station, a latest generation modem, revised in design and technologically completed with the latest innovations, such as the support of the new WiFi 6 standard, and certified to deliver superior performance and optimized device management

The WiFi 6 Station will be available from Monday 21 September for customers of Vodafone’s FTTH (Fiber To The Home) services.

The device will erode the power and quality of the GigaNetwork Fiber, but made more efficient by WiFi Optimizer, an intelligent system that studies and improves Wi-Fi performance to optimize performance, continuity of delivery and consumption.

With the new WiFi 6 Station, Vodafone lets you know in a note, users will benefit from a connection up to four times faster than a standard modem, better coverage throughout the house, thanks to eight integrated antennas, a battery of greater

The WiFi 6 Station can handle up to 120 devices at the same time.

At the launch of the new Station, Vodafone launches a new portfolio of customizable offers for the fixed network, allowing new customers to use the WiFi at home even on the move, using a portable WiFi device with 150 Giga per month included.

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