Vodafone Italia accelerates on digital skills and launches an extraordinary plan of reskilling and training open to all 6000 employees of the company.

The initiative is part of a wider skill transformation path launched by Vodafone already starting from 2018 to build the professionalism of the future through the enhancement and regeneration of the skills of people.

Thanks to an articulated and innovative skill transformation project, Vodafone is among the first large companies in Italy to access the ANPAL’s New Skills Fund to help build the skills of the future.

The plan, approved by the Piedmont Region, which appreciated its consistency with the regional objectives of human capital development, will be launched as early as mid-December and provides for over 300,000 hours of training in three months.

Vodafone’s new project is part of a comprehensive and profound plan of reskilling and upskilling initiated by the company starting from a mapping of the internal professionalism of its entire population.

Among the various reskilling activities carried out there are, for example, highly specialised training courses that have allowed employees who have performed them to take on new roles in the field of Big Data, 5G and Artificial Intelligence.

Among the upskilling initiatives it is worth mentioning the training paths that have led call center operators from telephone assistance to support on digital channels such as chat and corporate social networks.

The training courses activated by Vodafone thanks to the New Skills Fund of ANPAL are dedicated to both basic digital skills (from Big Data to Cyber Security, from Cloud computing to the Internet of Things), and to courses of

The paths dedicated to agile work are also of great importance through the development of new skills in the use of collaboration tools and on the “agile working,” in order to live in a full and active way the transformation of the organizational model started with the agreement on the smart

Digital transformation of work also involves cultural change: for this reason, courses are planned to promote an innovative way of thinking, to train the ability to make decisions on the basis of data, or even to disseminate that ‘culture of error’, essential for innovation.

It is also planned an important program that involves all 600 managers of Vodafone Italy to promote an even more inclusive leadership model, based on the trust and empowerment of people, increasingly important elements in a remote work environment.

The organization’s recent agreement on smart working signed by Vodafone with trade union organisations is also in the direction of digital transformation, which stands out for its innovativeness, flexibility and inclusiveness. The agreement, which concerns the end of the emergency, provides for the adoption of agile work in the measure of

With the aim of ensuring the balance between working time and living time, the agreement flexibly regulates the disconnect by defining the band within which the work must be done (9:00-19:00), always within the limit of daily and weekly working hours The connection is also guaranteed in conjunction with the time slot 13:00 – 14:00.

The agreement on agile work is an integral part of a wider corporate welfare system and provides for people with disabilities or particular health conditions, caregivers, new parents, single parents and employees who are victims of domestic violence the possibility of requiring a different modulation of the percentage of

The agreement introduces new welfare policies in favour of parenthood and individual needs including 4 months of 100% paid parental leave for the new parents and a policy for employees who are victims of domestic violence.

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