Vodafone Italia launches Curve, a smart GPS tracker from the new Smart Tech product range that allows you to stay in touch with people and valuables by sending alerts and updates directly to the smartphone connected to Vodaf’s GigaNetwork

Vodafone Curve is available in two colors, dove and anthracite (Dove and Slate) characterized by design, lightness, battery life up to seven days, button

Users can configure it using it from the Vodafone Smart App. The device connects to the Vodafone Smart SIM, which allows you to send updates to your smartphone even when the device is used remotely.

Why a smart tracker It is estimated that one person loses on average four items per month, especially keys,(data MyNameTags of 2016). 41 billion smart devices are expected worldwide by 2027 and an annual growth in the IoT sector worth thousands of billions of euros (Business Insider Intelligence data: The Internet of Things 2020). The Designed & Connected by Vodafone range was developed following a joint research by Vodafone Bryter, Zappi, Epic Conjoint and Decidedly on over 3000 users in the UK, Germany, Spain,

To have a more reliable Vodafone Curve connection, it uses four different tracking technologies (GPS, Wi-Fi, mobile phone and Bluetooth).

The four tracking modes allow you to improve the speed of position updates and extend battery life: energy saving, daily, performance and real-time tracking.

Battery life is up to seven days and depends on the tracking mode set.

You can create mapped areas and be warned when the device enters or exits the selected areas, depending on the tracking mode set.

Curves can withstand elements and water with IP67 certification.

Vodafone Curve is launched in Italy, which can be purchased on Vodafone’s e-shop and in the Vodafone, Spain and UK stores every day, while it will be available at the end of the summer in Germany, and then in

Costs. The device has a price of 59 euros to which 3 euros per month are added for the service of the Vodafone Smart SIM. At launch you can activate Curve with 3 months of service included.

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