2020 was unleashed by the pandemic by Covid-19, which also highlighted the fundamental importance of digital infrastructure, across all ultra-wide bands.

It is not an exaggeration to say that there has been no family or organization that has not benefited from high-speed and fiber optic internet connections. The reasons are constantly reminded: distance learning, digital twin, ecommerce, and of course smart working are just some activities that would be impossible without the ultra-wide band.

All SaaS (Software as a Service) and cloud technologies in a broadband-free world could only express a small part of their potential.

Operators like Vodafone have invested massively with great foresight, creating a network infrastructure as resilient as it is performing.

The company has played an essential role in ensuring the business continuity of the companies, thanks to the coverage of 80% of the territory with FTTx technology. We also learned the importance of latency, alongside the speed of the line, and Vodafone according to Nperf surveys is the first place in this aspect.

Perfectly aware of the specific needs of the VAT matches world, Vodafone Business offers a portfolio of offers for full fixed network and suitable for any cable coverage you have at your address.

OneNet P.Iva is in fact proposed both in version with 1 line and 2 lines, and with prices scalable and linked to the speed obtainable at the customer’s premises.

The cost range ranges from 30€ per month excluding VAT of a single ADSL line, going for 40€ up to 50€ for 2 lines with fibre optic coverage; the Vodafone Business portfolio also includes a unique offer starting from

For professionals operating in areas without fixed network connectivity (not even ADSL), Vodafone offers VAT Number Total Wireless Plus: broadband connectivity via fixed wireless, with performance up to 100 Mbit, for

Aware of the world’s costs of small entrepreneurs, Vodafone Business gives customers freedom of choice on how to pay the activation fee: 5€ per month for 48 months, or with an advance of 120€ + 5€ x 24 months or in a single solution A flexibility that will certainly please the Italian VAT Parties.

Vodafone Business fixed network portfolio is widely configurable: Power 4G which, added to its fixed network offer, allows you to combine the speed already provided by the fixed network that of the mobile network in 4G, the Secure Network that protects navigation, payments

Also, it should be remembered that you can add a wide range of digital solutions, such as Microsoft 365, delivery solutions for your restaurant, website/digital marketing. These are just some of the main options, and it is more than obvious the attention given by Vodafone Business to the needs of its customers, the result of expertise and uncommon ability to listen to feedback.

The most famous Vodafone Power Station is the ultra-wide band network. Compatible with both GPON and FTTC and ADSL lines, the Vodafone Power Station boasts 4 Gigabit LAN ports, 2 USB ports, double Wifi 2.4 and 5 GHz. The management, simple and evolved at the same time, is entrusted to a convenient web interface and the Vodafone Station app.

The innovative push in Vodafone Business never runs out, and for the FTTH lines here is the brand new Vodafone Wi-Fi 6 Station: Wi-Fi up to 4 times faster than previous generations, and coverage up to 30% And thanks to the support of 120 devices connected simultaneously, the future is also assured.

To learn about fiber and its advantages, download our dedicated guide: Guide to the choice of the best Internet connection for professionals, working groups and small businesses

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