All Italian companies have come to terms with the sudden need to digitally transform their business model, dictated by the emergency coronavirus that has not spared any sector of our economy.

The central role of the operational offices as the main place of work has been lost, and the role of cloud computing has emerged.

It is now clear that digital infrastructures are the main players in the future (and present) of the national economy.

Vodafone Business, strong of technological know-how and of the best fixed and mobile connectivity at the service of the Italian manufacturing world, is at the center of this digital transition movement.

Thanks to its Italian data centers, Vodafone Business offers performance at the highest levels and at the same time reassures Italian companies about the permanence of data within our borders. A competitive advantage for sectors such as financial and legal sectors.

Among the possibilities that the company offers to Italian small and medium-sized enterprises is Your Cloud.

Vodafone Your Cloud is a product of Virtual Private Cloud designed specifically for the PMI, which gives you the possibility to purchase a virtual server according to your needs, virtual backup or on premium dedicated support. Your Cloud allows you to see all virtual servers and backup environment purchased with a simple control panel

Vodafone Business offers a wide range of scalability, allowing customers to grow the platform as their needs increase. At the same time, it is possible to define the policies of backup of your systems in terms of frequency and data retention.

The commercial offer made available by Vodafone Business is flexible. The solution is configurable starting from the operating system where you have the option to choose Windows rather than Linux. Next, you proceed with the choice of sizes (S, M or L) by selecting the amount of vCPU, Ram and storage, and then the package, which reflects your needs.

The package chosen, is allowed a considerable level of customizations: additional vCPU, more Ram and storage, terminal server licenses and premium support.

Specific backup features are available through the optional backup services of Your Cloud, which allow you to choose how to set up data backup and storage, as well as proceed independently to data recovery operations.

Not only that: aware of the importance of business continuity, Vodafone Business has also thought about disaster recovery with the Vodafone Your Cloud solution. In the event of an important virtual infrastructure disservice, resources are made available in a Vodafone Data Center for the restoration of its servers.

Vodafone Your Cloud BaaS VM is the simple and reliable backup and recovery of servers for Virtual Machine Your Cloud; for a backup and recovery of servers as effective exists instead You can backup physical, virtual or cloud servers and manage everything from a single control panel

And for customers who ask the cloud for a simpler but not less important function, that is to safeguard their data? Vodafone Business has also thought about this need and created Your Backup.

Here too, data are based in Italy, in Vodafone Data Centers. This ensures more control, security, transparency and better network performance.

Vodafone Your Backup allows you to backup network disks, removable devices and even the entire hard drive of your computer. In addition, you can also synchronize your fixed and mobile devices. Thanks to the Time Machine feature you can navigate back in time until the first backup and check the data versions, restoring what you need.

Privacy is very much on Vodafone Business’ side: in Your Backup, groups and subgroups can be created, centrally managed by an admin user who does not have access to user data, but can manage policies. Also provided for an independent and robust authentication with virtual OTP.

Your Backup solution starts with the possibility to purchase 1 TB of space and license of 20 utilities. Each additional TB enables 20 users.

A complete and future-proof equipment, scalable and reliable for the data of Italian companies.

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