Vodafone Business and BNL BNP Paribas Group have announced a strategic partnership to implement the Bank’s digital transformation plan and continue to define an increasingly innovative and technological service model, able to guarantee customers and employees to be connected with the Bank

The last few months have made clear the central role of digitalisation to ensure the business continuity and their need to be effectively and usefully connected with the Bank, work safely remotely and ensure the reliability of services aimed at the market and the community.

This five-year partnership paves the way for a joint development of solutions, services and products in a modern logic of synergies between different industries, to improve customer experience and make more agile environments and working methods.

The collaboration also demonstrates the synergy between the visions of the two companies, which place at the centre of their strategy a customer-oriented digital first approach and the construction of an increasingly digital, inclusive and sustainable society. In the direction of sustainability, Vodafone has recently announced that it will feed its European network 100% from renewable electricity, using only wind, solar or water sources.

BNL and BNP Paribas have also been actively involved in supporting projects and initiatives that have environmental, social and economic sustainability at the heart of their action, in line with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The first step of the BNL-Vodafone partnership involves the evolution of connectivity solutions by implementing voice and data services for all Bank employees, in line with the… agile… work mode adopted by BNL. In addition, broadband connectivity will be ensured with the progressive introduction of 5G and the latest technologies to the Bank’s entire network.

The aim of the partnership is also to develop, through the most modern communication technologies and collaboration platforms, a cutting-edge plan to build the Future Bank (Wi-Fi ATM, unified communication services and augmented reality experiences, etc.) to respond to the

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