Vodafone Business and Microsoft are the partners chosen by Riso Scotti to ensure the continuity of their business even during the emergency health care, enabling smart working for more than 100 office employees and supporting communication with production plants in Italy and all

The Pavese Group has been able to respond effectively to the emergency thanks to the digital transformation process started with the historic collaboration with Vodafone Business, which relies both on Vodafone mobile connectivity and on consulting, studying and identifying digital solutions that

The Microsoft 365 Suite and cloud productivity applications, and in particular the Microsoft Teams communication and collaboration hub, are an example of this, thanks to which employees have been able to stay in touch and continue their daily activities without interruption, keeping the

The adoption of digital solutions identified by Vodafone Business has also allowed to innovate some processes and activities that were traditionally carried out in person, with important benefits in terms of time, costs and environmental impact, in line with the strong commitment to sustainability that unites Microsoft Teams, for example, has been used for training staff and sales force, as well as in place of most meetings and trips that took place daily throughout Italy and in over 80 countries around the world where the company exports experience. Finally, thanks to the digitalization and remoteisation launched with the support of Vodafone Business and Microsoft, the Group was able to effectively continue its selection and training processes and managed to complete the integration program entirely remotely.

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