Vodafone is not a stop to surprise and to put concrete solutions into place that demonstrate the real effectiveness of 5G networks enabling new technologies and solutions.

It does not pay to have made possible the first live holographic performance in Europe on 5G network, which allowed Gianna Nannini from Berlin to perform live in front of the audience of the X Factor Dome, Vodafone returns to amaze and

The ultra-wide band allowed by Vodafone’s 5G, Piero Angela was physically in Rome but in holographic telepresence appeared miles away and precisely in Milan, during the meeting Campbus and the school that re Geographically distant but with a’real’ presence, thanks to the capabilities of the latest generation network that allowed the conductor and scientific publicizer to speak, listen and intervene without delay and in perfect synchronity, as if he had been physically seated alongside the other speakers.

An extraordinary surprise for the audience present in the room and connected via streaming, made possible by Vodafone’s 5G. Very low latency and ultra-wide band have in fact guaranteed the contemporary interaction, the very high audio-video quality and the ultra-fast transfer of video flows in high definition on Vodafone’s network between Rome and Milan.

This extraordinary event was a further opportunity for Vodafone to show citizens the potential of 5G and its many application scenarios. Starting from the new modes of digital interaction put in place on this occasion, which cut down distances and which, together with applications of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, give life to new experiences and possibilities in areas such as education and entertainment.

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