The Covid-19 emergency still doesn’t stop making you feel all your weight all over the world and for this VMware has assessed the best strategies to protect the health and well-being of all the people involved in VMworld 2020.

As a result of this reflection, VMware has made the difficult but important decision to make VMworld 2020 a global digital event, which will take place in the week of September 28, and cancel the physical events currently scheduled in August for San Francisco and November for Barcelona

Sanjay Poonen, Chief Operating Officer, Customer Operations, Vmware expressed his regret, remembering how every year the American company is enthusiastic and eager to host its customers, partners and employees from all over the world The event is also the best way to show the new features and perspectives of the sector, as well as being an important opportunity for training and networking with colleagues. Despite the disappointment of the lack of physical encounter, Poonen also recalls that in Vmware they are all excited to face the challenge of this new global digital experience.

As a digital event organized during the week of September 28, Vmworld 2020 will allow participation and collaboration from anywhere in the world.

Vmware is committed to ensuring that the digital event reflects the experience of Vmworld that so many in the industry have known and loved. In this new format, participants can still learn about new innovative technological solutions, a perspective from Vmware managers, deepen educational and technical content and interact with experts across the industry’s ecosystem.

Vmware is also considering regional meetings, smaller, physical by the end of autumn.

Finally, the company announced that more details on Vmworld 2020 will be provided over the coming weeks.

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