Today there are many companies that are undertaking a transformation path towards the multicloud, so that according to Gartner by 2020, three out of four will have implemented a multicloud model or at least hybrid.

The path is supported by two cloud strategies: hybrid cloud and native public cloud.

These are complementary approaches that often exist simultaneously in the same companies, each of which aims to generate new opportunities in a differentiated way and to offer tangible business results.

According to Vmware, 83% of those who buy cloud solutions are looking for a coherent infrastructure and operation from datacenter to cloud, for the best transformation to multicloud. For the purpose, he announced news about Vmware Cloud: updates to Vmware Cloud Foundation, Vmware vCloud Director and CloudHealth by Vmware. In addition, more extensive access to Cloud Foundation-based services will be available through the opening of new Region Vmware Cloud on AWS in Paris, Canada and Singapore and through an increase of Vmware Cloud Verifi partners

Hybrid Cloud with Vmware Cloud Foundation

Vmware Cloud Foundation is the solution for l’hybrid cloud that expands the definition of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) by putting together the capabilities of cloud infrastructure for processing, storage, networking and integrated cloud management. Cloud Foundation is a full-stack solution that ensures consistent infrastructure and operation to modernise data centers, migrate applications and entire data centers in the cloud, scale on demand for disaster recovery or seasonal peaks and

Vmware announced version 3.7 of Vmware Cloud Foundation that will be available on Dell EMC VxRail in the first quarter of this year and will offer hybrid cloud infrastructure ubitack developed jointly and integrated with the architecture Cloud Foundation on VxRail is the demonstration of the integration between Dell EMC and Vmware since it incorporates unique features developed jointly that simplify operations and offer end-to-end, full stack life cycle management, through a Optimized to improve performance, scalability, user experience and to contain the TCO, Cloud Foundation on VxRail can reduce operating and capital costs and at the same time provide resilience, predictability and ease of implementation without shore The elasticity and integration of the network, as well as deployment options, including integrated rack appliances and offers, offer customers who choose Cloud Foundation on VxRail maximum flexibility.

The new version of Cloud Foundation 3.7 supports automated deployment of VMware Horizon 7’s virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Cloud Foundation accelerates delivery of Horizon 7 by providing complete infrastructure automation for Horizon 7 environments, including installation of App Volumes, User Environment Manager and Unified Access Cloud Foundation combines a ready-to-use infrastructure with the deployment of line-of-business applications, enabling customers to provide infrastructure and applications at cloud speed.

Cloud Foundation is the basis of the cloud infrastructure as a service offered by Vmware and Vmware partners Cloud Verified and Vmware announced the expansion of the global availability of Cloud Foundation based services by its partners Among the new Vmware signal:

• New Region Vmware Cloud on AWS: Vmware Cloud on AWS is powered by the Cloud Foundation and is distributed, sold and supported by Vmware and its partners. With the addition of the AWS EU (Paris), AWS Canada (Central) and AWS APJ (Singapore), Vmware Cloud on WAS is now present in 13 regions globally. Vmware and AWS continue to work to bring the service to the major AWS regions globally by the end of the 2019 solar year.

• An increase in partners offering services for Vmware Cloud on AWS: at the moment there are more than 60 Vmware partners that create or provide services offerings managed for Vmware Cloud on AWS and more than 280 partners have

• An increase in Vmware Cloud Verified Partner: Vmware now has 35 Vmware Cloud Provider Program partners who have obtained the status of Cloud Verified. Vmware Cloud Verified partners are strategic partners that offer a complete Vmware SDDC as a service, as well as value-added services and support from their data centers through the Cloud Foundation. The trusted brand Cloud Verified gives companies the certainty that their cloud provider offers the most comprehensive and advanced Vmware technologies, with coherent infrastructure and operations across clouds.

Services Vmware Cloud Provider

Overall, VCPP partners serve over 150,000 customers with millions of virtual machines. These customers benefit from robust and differentiated enterprise-class clouds that use the latest Vmware innovations to simplify hybrid cloud adoption and management with a coherent infrastructure and new services.

Vmware vCloud Director 9.7 will allow cloud providers to differentiate their hybrid cloud offering and offer new services through centralized and global management, wider scalability and improved extensibility framework. The vCloud Director platform will unify private and multi-tenant cloud management among cloud providers of Vmware-based environments, simplifying monitoring and management from local vSphere environments to multi-ten clouds

Vmware vCloud Availability 3.0 will unify onboarding, migration and disaster recovery services for and between multi-tenant clouds. The native integration with vCloud Director and a modern user interface will provide a simple customer experience for faster delivery and service management.

New CloudHealth

Used by more than 4,000 customers, CloudHealth by Vmware allows you to manage and protect multicloud environments. With CloudHealth, customers can make informed decisions about cost management, security and governance when they decide to scale their multi-cloud environments. CloudHealth offers cost management capabilities that can improve the return on investment by giving customers the opportunity to understand where budgets are spent, which applications consume most resources and how to properly size environments, even when they scale quickly.

The new features of CloudHealth will include advanced features of multi-cloud reporting, multidimensional reporting, workspaces reporting, convertible Reserved Instance (RI), container cluters visibility and cross reorganization In addition, CloudHealth now integrates with the Wavefront cloud analysis and monitoring platform by Vmware. Through this integration, CloudHealth customers can access Wavefront’s cloud performance metrics via their own CloudHealth platform for rightsizing and performance optimization. Using CloudHealth and Wavefront together, CloudHealth leverages the vast real-time, highly granular and multi-cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP) infrastructure usage metrics of Wavefront

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