VMware has officially announced a decision that had already been ventilated: after the success of VMworld 2020 in online edition only, even in 2021 the American company will replicate the experience of a virtual event only.

The numbers were also right to choose Vmware: in 2020 the event collected 51 sponsors, 180 countries, over 900 live sessions and on request, over 1,000 speakers from around the world; and still 3,900 winners of the event.

It was a simple and compulsory choice: the conditions of the coronavirus emergency are not such that it is possible to organize a event in the presence of the importance of the VMworld, which traditionally attracts (for the European edition) many thousands of participants

VMware has therefore wisely decided to move well in advance and to announce that the global unified event

The VMware blog post is also very clear about the reasons, clearly based on the safety of all participants: › Welcome back VMworld fans (and VMware): we hope your year starts in a healthy and safe way

We are excited to kick off the new year by announcing the official dates for VMworld 2021. We are excited to have you all joined us online from 5 to 7 October 2021. To ensure the well-being and safety of our participants, we will return as a global digital event. Don’t worry, it’ll be just as informative, fun and engaging, so mark your calendars today. Registration will be active in June, so stay tuned on our Facebook and Twitter page for further announcements.

We believe that Vmware’s decision will be replicated by almost all large companies; it is really impossible to imagine oceanic crowds like those gathered by annual conventions when the outbreak by Covid-19 is anything but under control.

Moreover, the time needed for mass vaccination is too uncertain to schedule events that require months of preparatory work.

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