President Mario Draghi has just dissolved the reserve on the formation of the new government, and will be Vittorio Colao the Minister of Technology Innovation.

Colao, a 1961 Brescia class, has a high profile curriculum. He graduated from Bocconi, continued his studies at Harvard University where he obtained an MBA.

After an experience in Morgan Stanley, he played an important part in his career, first in Omnitel (of which he was general manager) and then appointed CEO of Vodafone Omnitel Italia.

In 2001, Colao was chosen as Vodafone’s regional CEO for southern Europe and in 2003 his responsibilities increased by adding also the Middle East and Africa areas.

Vittorio Colao left Vodafone in 2004 to take over the leadership of Rcs MediaGroup as CEO, a position he held until 2006, when he returned to Vodafone from the main door with the qualification of vice-president of the Europe division.

The final consecration among top managers of world level can certainly be dated to 29 July 2008, the day on which he was chosen to replace Arun Sarin as CEO of Vodafone.

Colao held the highest office in one of the world’s leading telecom companies until 2018. After twenty years in Vodafone, on 15 May 2018, Colao left, claiming that he wanted to reinvent himself in other roles. The manager has collaborated with the General Atlantic private equity fund as a special advisor, with particular focus on the telecommunications and consumer sectors.

His most recent institutional assignment was a few months ago: in April 2020 Colao was chosen by Giuseppe Conte to lead the task force of the

As often happened in his professional career, now Vittorio Colao is called to an important increase in responsibility: to lead the Ministry of Innovation in its most demanding period, struggling with a country in full and turbulent digital transformation and destined to lead a part

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