Bmw M Virtual Experience was originally developed by ZeroLight, a company that offers companies solutions to offer engaging experiences to its customers, for use on Vive Pro.

It is a powerful and advanced automotive marketing tool that allows potential customers to configure, explore and sit within an M5 car simulated by immersive virtual reality technology. Whether it’s paint, wheels or interior details of the machine, customers are free to customize this high performance sedan as they want.

When the user’s customization is complete, the potential customer can even get behind the wheel and interact with features such as steering wheel, console and trunk. And it’s not over: the city can also take a test drive at the Circuit De La Sarthe, one of the most famous car race circuits in the world.

After the immersive experience has been completed, each customer receives a customized microsite with its unique customizations and a 360° model to see the car from all angles.

This approach based on the latest technologies has the ambition to transform the buying experience of a car from a static experience to a dynamic, immersive and interactive, fully involving the potential customer. In addition to enabling state-of-the-art experiential marketing, this approach opens up new business intelligence opportunities, thanks to Vive Pro Eye innovations and its precision eye tracking.

L’Eye Tracking by Vive Pro Eye

The eye tracking system improves the visualization quality, thanks to the foveated rendering, a virtual reality feature that enhances the resolution at the focus point of users and reduces it in the peripheral area of the look. In this way, working in synergy with Nvidia’s VRS (Variable Rate Shading) technology, rendering workloads can be assigned to the most important area. This process mimics the function and design of the human eye, so customers will notice a more sharp and realistic image, while everything else will unnoticed in the background.

In addition to the great advantage for users, there is an advantage (in fact, more than one, as we will see) also for designers and companies. The total rendering workloads are reduced: by achieving better performance with less processing power, organizations can increase visual fidelity without having to acquire additional graphic resources.

But there is another important advantage for companies. Following, the system, the eyes of users in real time, Bmw and ZeroLight can collect data on where potential customers are looking and, equally important, where they do not look. Precision tracking can therefore enhance understanding of business aspects and provide a valuable business intelligence tool: for example, by creating maps and graphs where users’ looks have focused more and for how long.

L’eye tracking allows you to acquire analytics in real time and to make business decisions more data-driven. Looking at what users look at and when, you can go beyond the assumptions and approximations on user experiences, thanks to quantifiable insights. With such a deep-seated business intelligence and such transparent feedback from users, Bmw and ZeroLight can better understand the behaviour and intention of customers, and thus reach stronger conclusions on their product.

In addition, eye tracking at this level allows you to improve products in development, identify potential problems and improve customer experience.

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