By GoTranscript Scottish company specializing in professional transcription and translation services, we have already talked about the launch of the updated version of its Android app.

GoTranscript offers translations into over 30 languages. In addition to traditional applications of services of this type, GoTranscript is committed to supporting companies even in reaching new markets. For example, through closed captioning and foreign language subtitles in videos.

Closed captures provide textual descriptions of what happens on screen and dialogam while subtitles simply show what is being said.

But why are closed capture and subtitles in videos so important to companies?

The importance of subtitles and closed capture

GoTranscript quotes a recent study by Cisco, which we discussed in this article. According to Cisco’s forecast, by 2022 l As a result of this analysis, marketers are looking for ways to improve the visibility of their videos, using SEO strategies.

At the moment, closed captioning is among the most popular methods to increase SEO traffic. That is, increase the amount and quality of web traffic to a site through keywords and corresponding search engine results.

Instead of relying on CC and automatically generated subtitles, which are often inaccurate, a properly produced transcription can allow Google to browse it for keywords and relevant terms. Instead of limiting itself to those defined in the title, description and tags of a video.

As a result, the SEO can be increased to 16% in Google search rankings. Thanks to the improvement of video viewing and involvement.

SEO rankings for video content can be further improved by adding professionally transcribed videos or subtitles to a CC video. Especially if a company has a significant number of target audiences in different countries.

by connecting foreign language subtitles and closed capture to video content, new audience segments can be reached. And increase Google ranking in that particular language.

GoTranscript User Experience

Starting in 2018, GoTranscript has introduced a number of improvements to its user experience. The translation service has recently been improved to reduce delivery times by up to two hours, according to the company’s estimates.

The latest improvement made to user experience has focused on how GoTranscript translates customer files. The update, aimed at accelerating the process, allows the customer to upload the file directly to the GoTranscript server. From here, the translator will complete the transcription and translation in one step and load it again to make it available to the customer immediately.

More information about GoTranscript services is available on the company’s website at this link.

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