Verizon has announced a collaboration with Microsoft, to make the creation and distribution of IoT end-to-end solutions simple and quick

Specifically, Verizon Business has announced plans to simplify and accelerate the creation of end-to-end IoT solutions by making all critical components in the IoT value chain available to customers, such as connected devices, network/functionality, cloud hosting and

Verizon’s 5G/LTE network, the IoT ThingSpace platform Plus Secure Connection to 5G/LTE Network and Full Management and Diagnostic Features Features

Microsoft Azure IoT Central offers cloud-based application-level analysis as well as default models for many cases of use in different industrial sectors. By integrating the Verizon ThingSpace platform and Azure infrastructure, IoT systems builders, system integrators and service providers are able to quickly develop, deploy and operate complete IoT solutions.

One of the first large companies \\’builder Â, Cognizant, was among the first to adopt the integrated platform, using it to develop an IoT application for efficient management and use of cold rooms, able to support operations

For example, the application monitors prescription drugs during storage to ensure they are in optimal condition, safeguarding the quality of pharmaceutical products distributed to customers and reducing the amount of stocks that have expired. Cognizant’s solution offers pharmaceutical retailers greater visibility of the supply chain.

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