Lupp VerifyC19 is the tool developed by Sogei for the Ministry of Health to allow the process of verification of the authenticity and validity of the green passes Covid-19 according to the provisions contained in the DPCM referred to in article 9 paragraph 10 of the

VerifyC19 can only be used by so-called verifiers.

They are members of the control of the COOVID-19 green passes or entities providing services for which the certification is required, organisers of events and activities to participate in which the certification is required, public officials in the performance of their duties.

The VerifyC19 App allows you to read the QR code of the green pass COVID-19 and graphically shows the verifier the actual authenticity and validity of the certification, the name, surname and date of birth of the holder of the certificate,

VerifyC19, guaranteed privacy

The App allows you to verify the certifications even in the absence of internet connection, i.e. offline, and does not record the data of the certifications checked in the verifier’s device.

The App is directly derived from the European version and in application of the principle of data minimization set out in art. 5 of Regulation 2016/679 (EU) reduces to a minimum the number of data that can be viewed by the operator in full compliance with the privacy legislation.

The five stages of the verification

The verification process is divided into several phases.

It requires the activation of the camera of the mobile device of the verifier for reading the QR Code.

The verifier shall require the Certification to the interested party, who shall show the relevant QR Code (in digital or paper format). The App VerifyC19 reads the QR Code, extracts the information and proceeds with authenticity control through digital signature verification. The VerifyC19 App applies the rules for verifying the expiry of the Certification in relation to the type of certification (Vaccination, Molecular and/or Antigenic Tampone and healing) and to its emission date L.App VerifyC19 shows graphic The holder of the registration at the request of the verifier shall present his/her valid identity document for the purpose of verifying the correspondence of the personal data in the document with those displayed by the App.

The VerifyC19 App does not store the data of the green certificates COVID-19, therefore in case of loss or theft of the device used does not pose associated risks for the privacy of the interested parties.

The Ministry of Health informs that the textual information and multimedia contents of the App are protected by the law of 22 April 1941 n. 633 on copyright and subsequent amendments, therefore nothing can be copied, modified or sold for profit or to derive any

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